Reliable farm management services to smallholder farmers

We support hard-working farmers like Akosua Asibi to apply good agricultural practices.

Serving 1200 Cocoa Farmers in 5 years

We provide farm management and certification services, as well as sell agro inputs to cocoa farmers. The company plans to roll out its services to 1,200 cocoa farmers with aggregate farm holding of 2,400 hectares of cocoa farms over a 5-year period. The services include;

  • Farm Management Services(FMS)
  • Selling of in Agro-inputs
  • Post-harvest handling services
  • Sustainability & Certification

Signing on smallholder farmers

We work with willing cocoa farmers with productive cocoa farms to produce sustainable cocoa through farm rehabilitation and yield intensification under 5-year contracts

Pre-financing farm management services

EMFED then pre-finances farm rehabilitation and yield intensification on behalf of participating farmers

Repayment via harvest proportions

EMFED splits the harvest three ways; a third as net income to the farmer, a third to cover cost of farm management service, and a third to cover EMFED’s fixed cost and net profit.

Our Products & Services

To deliver on its value proposition, EMFED provides the following key services to farmers under its management.

A Team of Passionate people

Our team is made up of a group of people who are passionate about supporting smallholder farmers in local communities.

Projected Social & Environmental Impact

EMFED’s growth strategy will lead to the creation of an average of 22 jobs per hectare over a 5-year period. Farmers’ income is expected to increase by USD 30 per ton. In 5 years;




average increase of yield will be achieved, from an average of 809kg/ha/yr.




of sustainably sourced cocoa beans will be introduced into the market.



smallholder cocoa farmers

will be certified and establish tracing and tracking systems to deliver beans

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