We started in 2012 as a business providing labor services to smallholder cocoa farmers in the Central Region of Ghana. Between 2015 and 2017, we received a grant of USD213,000 from Solidaridad West Africa under its Cocoa Rehabilitation and Intensification Programme (CORIP I) to prove the business case for our Service Delivery Model.

During this period, we succeeded in improving farmers’ yields of cocoa beans from 200kg per hectare per year to 1,200kg per hectare per year. We are desirous of scaling up good lessons from CORIP I to serve 1,200 cocoa farmers with aggregate farm holding of 2,400 hectares in 5 years.

Sustainable consumption and production is at the core of our strategy.

The vision: To be the farm management services company of choice in the cocoa sector in Ghana

The mission: An Agribusiness company set up to make cocoa farming profitable for smallholders by providing them with financially, socially and environmentally sustainable farm management services.

Core values:

  • Reliability: Our smallholder cocoa farmers rely on their cocoa farms for a significant portion of their household income. Recognizing this, we ensure that our services to these farmers are cost-effective and timely.  
  • Trustworthy: We honor our promise to all our stakeholders.
  • Profitability: We ensure that all our activities are profitable to our investors and to our smallholder farmers.